ATC Market Analysis (ATCMA) is an international provider of comprehensive market intelligence and research focusing on the air traffic control industry. We identify growth opportunities in emerging markets, as well as established technology trends and product gaps in existing markets. ATCMA provides a range of products and services including:

Market Profiles

Reports providing background and description of both the national civil Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) and, where available, national Military ATC service providers. ATC Market Profiles are available for over 200 countries and overseas dependencies.

Market Forecasts

Reports providing addressable estimates for worldwide markets for air traffic control equipment and services. Market forecasts are based on bottoms-up analysis extended by top-down 10-year forecasts for each of the over 200 Market Profiled countries and overseas dependencies. Market Forecast Reports are available with Regional Market Profiles as well as by ATC Domain Segments. These include forecasts for the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, Air Traffic Management, Simulation & Training, and Services segments.

ATC Installation Overviews

Air Traffic Control Installations: Profiles are maintained for all identified national ATC installations to include Area Control Centers (ACCs), Approach Control Centers (APPs), Tower Control (TWRs), Radar Sites, and Training Facilities. These installation profiles include information on associated systems and equipment to include capabilities, installation date, and suppliers.


Training is offered to the public through our partnerships with the internationally acclaimed Institute for Competitive Intelligence (Germany) and CAI/SISCo (US). Although these courses provide basic and advanced Competitive Intelligence material, most of the related case studies and class exercises are based on real-world experiences in the aviation marketplace. Additionally, private training courses tailored to specific company priorities are offered to clients wishing to establish or enhance their in-house Air Traffic Control marketplace strategic business development capabilities.

Custom Reports

Detailed Market Forecast Reports for selected countries and Company Profile and Forecast Reports are available on special order.


The ATC Market Analysis databases are updated monthly. Major contract events, ATC Customer budget announcements, and establishment of new ATC Installations are available on the subscription based ATC Database Update web page.